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"I just worked with director John Callas and someone should give him a raise."

– George Burns

Actor - Comdedian

"Longevity and loyalty are rare in the movie business, but you'll discover both with John. He knows his stuff, does his homework and puts the show first - but not to the detriment of his crew. As a director of photography I couldn't ask for more."

– David Lewis

Director of Photography

"John Callas is the best director I have worked with in this town…in this town."

– Howie Mandel

Writer, Actor, Comedian

"John is a doer. Present him with a business problem and it will get resolved. John has the ability to see the big picture, think strategically, and then follow through to implement a resolution. John provides a unique mix of industry know how, television and theatrical creative savvy and practical advice."

– Bill Humphrey

Senior Vice President, Sunset Studios

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